Monthly Pool Service

Residential Service

Service includes one call per week. Our pool tech will test and add chemicals, vacuum pool, skim surface, brush pool walls, clean tiles, clean skimmer and pump baskets, . If there is a separate spa, not attached to the pool, an additional cost  will apply for  spa service.

Chemical Check - This service is for the balance and maintenance of the pool/spa water chemistry.

Commercial Accounts - Apartments or Condominiums

Service cost for commercial accounts will be appraised based on the volume of pool and days of service required per week to maintain county/city code standards.

Spa Detail - On our spa detail we will drain, clean, wax, refill, balance chemicals, and clean filters.

Acid Wash - This treatment of the pool surface during an acid wash will remove most stains on plaster pools. The acid will remove a thin layer of the plaster surface. The result will be a cleaner pool surface without a costly full re-plaster project.

Price for Acid Wash: call for estimate

Pool and Spa Combination: call for estimate


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